Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rainy Day Projects

OK so if you don't know I have been working on a backyard fire pit with a paving stone patio surrounding it to enjoy the wonderful cool fall, spring and summer nights. With hopes of finishing this long project this past weekend I was a little bummed when it was raining outside making it impossible to work on my patio. So with Halloween coming up I thought I would pull out some paints and paint a pumpkin for the front door. Of course I had to get Dale's opinion on a scary face to create. So here is my final product which I am hoping will last a while. It turned out a little darker than I would have liked but it still looks alright.

Here is another thing I painted since I had the paint out and the rain was still coming down. I bought this rock out the Covered Bridge Festival this year but it only said SOX. I really wanted to add a little something to show it is the White Sox. So since Dale is the big White Sox fan I decided to let him pick what he wanted. So I added the baseball along with the Sox official lettering and Dale totally loved it. I am pretty impressed with our new fire pit decoration as well. Of course a Red Sox one will be made to accompany this White Sox rock as well.

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