Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rainy Day Projects

OK so if you don't know I have been working on a backyard fire pit with a paving stone patio surrounding it to enjoy the wonderful cool fall, spring and summer nights. With hopes of finishing this long project this past weekend I was a little bummed when it was raining outside making it impossible to work on my patio. So with Halloween coming up I thought I would pull out some paints and paint a pumpkin for the front door. Of course I had to get Dale's opinion on a scary face to create. So here is my final product which I am hoping will last a while. It turned out a little darker than I would have liked but it still looks alright.

Here is another thing I painted since I had the paint out and the rain was still coming down. I bought this rock out the Covered Bridge Festival this year but it only said SOX. I really wanted to add a little something to show it is the White Sox. So since Dale is the big White Sox fan I decided to let him pick what he wanted. So I added the baseball along with the Sox official lettering and Dale totally loved it. I am pretty impressed with our new fire pit decoration as well. Of course a Red Sox one will be made to accompany this White Sox rock as well.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday - Smell

Today is smell so here you have it.

A beautiful smelling flower with an added bonus.
Someone burning brush or trash in their yard. This smelled so bad by the way so it was perfect for picture day.
Tomorrow is touch so bring it on.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday - Sound

So today's photos have to do with the sense of sound.

I stopped by a trading post today and found this cute cow wind chime on their porch. Too bad the trading post was not open so I could look at some more wind chimes.

This is a picture of Alex's sweet stereo in his room. I never thought I would see the day when I would say turn that crap down.

Here is something I pass every day and never really noticed until Dale pointed it out one day. This is a sever weather siren which you might hear when it is super windy depending on how far you are away from it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday - Taste

OK so today is the sense of taste which can be kind of tricky to catch in a photo but here are my thoughts and ideas from the day.
This is a picture of rain from the day on my car. Rain can make your day gloomy unless you get out and have some fun dancing in it. If you have ever gotten out and jumped in a puddle in the rain then chances are you have opened your mouth to try a taste of some rain.
Here are some yummy sweets which always make my taste buds go crazy for more.

Here is the perfect pickle waiting for a sandwich to make a complete meal. I finally found a pickle I could buy in a store that tasted just like one you got in a restaurant so you know I had to take a picture for taste day.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Photo Week Begins with - Sight

OK so today starts off another fun photo week or should I say sense week. This week, photo week has been taken to another level. We are exploring all five senses this week starting off with sight. Sight to me is my most important. I feel it is my portal to the world and allows me to enjoy and appreciate all things around me. I have always thought if I was born without my sight I would be ok and still have a wonderful life. However as I am getting older and my sight is getting worse it makes me appreciate what I do have. There is so much I would miss at this point in my life if my sight was gone. So to show my appreciation to senses and photo week here are my photos.
I decided to take a picture of Dale's eyes because I love them so much. OK I know it is a little sappy but still it is what I feel.

Here is a picture I think looks pretty cool. I managed to catch the sun through the trees in my back yard. I would definitely miss sun sets and rises if I ever lost my sight.

I thought this was a beautiful picture of a rose from my rose bush. My rose seems to be in full bloom right now with about 5 full blooming roses and another 5 or 6 about to bloom. Roses are my favorite flower and this particular rose bush was a 2nd year anniversary gift from Dale.