Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day three - Gratitude

I am grateful for soul mates.

Not a great picture but it gets the point across. A loving family, what more can you ask for.

Day two - Exploration

Today's theme is Exploration. This is one of my favorite pictures I took of my niece. She is 4 and when you are 4 you are always exploring new things. I was trying to teach her to play pool which of course is new to her so she didn't quite get it. She still managed to look cute though.

Photo Week - Acceptance

So photo week is off and day one is all about acceptance. Acceptance has been a big are of my life for the last couple of years. As some of you know I married Dale whom has two kids from a previous marriage. For the first two years of my marriage I wanted nothing more than to be accepted by my step-kids. It took some patience over the years but I feel like I am finally accepted. Once I saw the first days theme being acceptance I immediately thought of my step-daughter so this is a picture of her and her dad. I think acceptances was the hardest for her.