Saturday, December 13, 2008

Photo Week - Saturday

So today's theme was sparkle and spirit which I am pretty excited about. I got the notice late though so I ran around to capture the things I could. I had the perfect opportunity earlier today when my husband pulled out the Christmas lights to put up. He seemed to be very mesmerized by a wad of lights plugged in. It was pretty cool and I wish now that I had taken a picture. Oh well, here is what I came up with instead. I spent the majority of the day baking cookies for the family and friends so here they are. More to come tomorrow. This is the first time I made these candy cane cookies and they did not come out the way I would like. They are fatter than I would like however they taste great and that is more important anyway right.

Since I couldn't get a picture of the lights balled up I thought I would take a picture of them up. Dale and Alex spent most of the day working on the roof and I must say it looks pretty good. I like the fact that they were out of the house too so they would not eat all the cookies as I baked them.