Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday - Action day

Well today is action day and I really didn't have much action in my day. I did manage to take a walk along the canal and found a few things.

This is a fountain that sits along the canal.

Here is a picture of the busy city. Everyone always hurrying to get where they need to go.

Here is a nice shot of a flag on top our capital. Today was such a nice day to be outside taking pictures so I am glad we have photo week.


smitty4284 said...

WOW! it is like you and Steph think to much alike. Great pics.

Jen said...

Nice job Beth

Sara said...

This Keystone at the Crossing office worker appreciates the sneak peak of downtown on such a gorgeous day!

Steph said...

Man, we were probably standing in the exact same spot near the fountain! Good stuff.

Beth Carter said...

Steph I bet you didn't have to crop a bum sleeping out of your picture though.