Monday, September 15, 2008

Photo Week begins

OK so today is the beginning of photo week and I am very excited about it. Monday is Landscape day however today was a very dreary day. So I though maybe I would go through my photos of trips and pick out my favorite ones because you know you always take picture of the landscape when you are on Vacation.

OK so this one was actually taken today because this is my neighborhood. I love entering my neighborhood to see the mature trees arching over the road.

I took this picture a few years ago when I went to visit my brother in Vermont. This is the Quechee Gorge in Quechee VT. Very beautiful to see if you ever get the chance.

This picture was taken on the Killington ski slopes in Vermont. I grew up skiing these slopes every weekend so this picture brings back memories of those times.

OK so I think this looks like a post card however I actually took this picture. This is another picture I took while skiing in Vermont.


Jen said...

That last one totally looks like a postcard! Nice work.

the country life said...

Very, very nice pictures. Way to draw on those archives. Love to see more.

Sara said...

Agreed! Great archives!